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Consumer Protections

In Colorado, the Division of Insurance regulates the business of title insurance that includes real estate closing services, through Title Insurance Regulations:

However, it’s important to know that licensed title companies/agents are not required by Colorado law to have any form of business coverages (i.e., fidelity, crime, cyber security, errors & omissions and general liability insurances) or undergo a formal background check, which would be essential in protecting your monies, identity/ information and real estate closing process.

Consequently, it’s important for consumers, whether selling, buying or refinancing their home, to obtain a Closing Protection Letter (CPL). A Closing Protection Letter (CPL) basically provides you additional protections and assurances against losses arising out of the negligent actions of the Title Insurance Company's authorized issuing Title Agent/ Title Company. When running a quote, CompareTitleCompanies.com will identify whether a CPL is available by the selected Title Company and for what charge. More information about CPLs

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