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Consumer Protections Report

In Colorado, the Division of Insurance regulates the business of title insurance that includes real estate closing services. However, it's important for you to know that licensed title companies/agents are not required by Colorado law to have any form of business coverages (i.e., fidelity, crime, cyber security, errors & omissions and general liability insurances) that would be essential in protecting your monies, identity/ information and real estate closing process. Consequently, it's important to use a title company/ agent that can provide you and your transaction such important protections.

Our Consumer Protection Report (CPR) feature discloses general information about a subscribing title company's business coverages, title policy coverages and additional closing protections. This feature allows you to review and compare all subscribing title companies and the consumer protections they provide (see CPR Disclaimer below). Our website also includes a CPR ranking feature that provides you with a simple visual means of comparing and ranking a subscribing title company's submitted CPR to that of other subscribing title companies.

Consumer Protection Report

Company Business Insurances & Security Software:

  1. General Liability Insurance
  2. E & O Insurance (title services)
  3. E & O Insurance (closing services)
  4. Fidelity Insurance
  5. Defalcation Coverage to Fidelity Insurance
  6. Crime Insurance
  7. Cyber Coverage to Crime Insurance
  8. Cyber Security Insurance (identity/information)
  9. Insured Notary/Signing Services
  10. E-mail Encryption Software for Non-Public Personal Information (NPI)

Title Commitment / Policy Coverages:

  1. Uses American Land Title (ALTA) Policy Forms
  2. Provides OEC or Form 130 Coverages

Additional Closing Protections:

  1. Borrower's Closing Protection Letter (upon request)
  2. Buyer's Closing Protection Letter (upon request)
  3. Seller's Closing Protection Letter (upon request)
  4. Lender's Closing Protection Letter (upon request)

CPR DISCLAIMER: TIservices does not verify the CPR information submitted by subscribing title companies. Users of CompareTitleCompanies.com are advised to make their own review of the CPR information.

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