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How It Works

Moving Gears

We know the idea of shopping for title insurance services is new to most people and shopping for something you are unaware of can be quite puzzling; however, we can help you put the pieces together for making an informed decision. Why would you want to shop you ask? Well, it is quite simple as cost, service and protection can vary from one company to another. We make shopping and comparing title insurance and closing services simple, easy and FREE. Instead of contacting all the title companies around you, we do the dirty work for you, all in a matter of a few minutes. Shopping title insurance and closing services has never been this easy!

Answers a Few Questions

All you need to do is answer a few simple and non-confidential questions about your proposed real estate transaction; like is this a sale or refinance? what county is the property located in, the purchase price, loan amount. All really easy questions.

Let us Calculate the Cost

Press the calculate cost button and our system will do the heavy lifting of calculating the title insurance costs and closing fees for title companies in your area all in a matter of seconds and present the results in a easy to read Summary Comparison

Review the Summary Comparison

The Summary Comparison provides a simple way of comparing subscribing and non-subscribing title companies based on cost. You may ask, what is the difference between a subscribing and non-subscribing title company? Subscribing companies, unlike non-subscribing companies will provide you much more information that helps you make a more informed decision. Such as a Consumer Protection Report which is a check list of protections a title company has in place to protect your money, identity/info & real estate transaction. You can also read Reviews of what other are saying about their experience with a subscribing company. Want more info about a subscribing company? No problem, just click on View Details.

View Details of Quote

Subscribing title companies realize the need to be transparent with consumers, with that said the Details of Quote page provides an itemized breakdown of your costs, Consumer Protection Report, Reviews, location and contact info of your selected title company as well as the ability to contact your selected title company directly via the Request Services feature.
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