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After you Shop & Compare title companies in your area and review their Consumer Protection Report and Company Reviews you should be ready to select a title company. Good news, our Request Services feature allows you to connect directly with your selected title company. All you need to do is click on the request services icon, provide your preferred method of contact and BAM! Your selected title company will be notified of your request and reach out to you to get things rolling. Please note only subscribing title companies offer the request service feature, so if you decided on a non subscribing company your going to have to contact them the old fashion way like by phone, fax or the pony express.

Request of Services

Request For Title Insurance And Closing Services

Now that you have made an informed decision in shopping and selecting a Title Company for your real estate transaction, what would you like to do next?

Email my selected Title insurance & Closing Services" and "Detailed Quote" to my real estate professional (i.e., real estate broker, mortgage loan originator/lender, attorney) so they can place the order for my title insurance & closing services

Email a "Request for Title insurance & Closing Services" to the selected Title Company, so they may begin to process this request.

Email a copy of "Detailed Quote"

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